Jay Lewis Humphrey

As a high school student, Jay Humphrey determined that one of his main goals in life was to seek a variety of experience. After graduating with a degree in English from Stanford, he went on to get—at various times and places—an M.A. in English, an M.A. in Drama, and a J.D. Jay interspersed his academic endeavors with international travels and pursued a varied career in theater and television, law, writing and teaching.

Jay has directed numerous plays, musicals and operas, and was a TV producer for King Broadcasting Company. He taught English Literature in Hawaii and Wisconsin, and ESL in Spain, and spent several years as a corporate manual writer. While a law student, he worked as a faculty research assistant, a law clerk, and a law review editor. He subsequently practiced law and worked as an editor on a book by a major San Francisco law firm. Eventually, Jay decided to return to his first love—teaching—and enjoyed a delightful career as an ESL teacher for a language school based at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA, where he was fortunate to make friends from around the world.

It hasn't been a solo journey. Many years ago, Jay asked someone out for coffee. She said yes. Their own love story includes a son and daughter, two grandchildren and a rich and varied life in Northern California. 

The Day You Love Me is his first collection of short stories. These stories are fiction, but as Albert Camus noted, fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.


Eliza Frye

Eliza Frye is a graphic novelist, illustrator, and exhibiting artist. She approaches her work the same way she approaches her love letters. Her comics have been featured in literary magazines and anthologies in the United States and Europe; and, her short story, "The Lady's Murder," was nominated for a 2009 Eisner Award. She studied Character Animation at CalArts and Japanese Literature at UCLA. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, cooking, and earl grey, hot.